Wild Wind Sweetheart of Sealoch Ginny, 12 week old sable and white smooth collie. She has sharp teeth and loves to taste everything—especially her brother Andy, and torment the cats.


Holmhaven Norseman of Sealoch UD, PCDX, RM, RAE2,PT, AX,AOJ, OAP, OJP, OF, XFP, CGC, PD Dexter is my 8 yr male sable and white rough collie who came to me at 8 weeks as a true gentleman. He is always kind, loves to figure out what I want him to do, and once he knows […]


CH Foggy Bay Sealoch Star Chaser BN, CD, RI, NA, NAJ, OF, CGC Andy is my 2 yr male smooth tricolor collie who never met a dog he did not like, and loves to run agility. He adores his new baby sister Ginny and is her self appointed protector and big brother.

Game On’s Ambition to Wynn

Avid is a 6-month old Border Collie, and the newest addition to the Swan family. Avid is active, intelligent, playful, athletic and sweet – sometimes she is quite silly with a funny sense of humor. If not kept busy, she will find things to occupy herself – usually finding a treasure out of the recycling […]


Timeless Blue Copperfield RN CGC Owned by Petra Kearney Merlin was born on June 27th, 2012 and came home with me at 7 weeks old. He quickly grew to be a very independent, confident puppy that likes to be in charge—and, I think, the cutest puppy around! Merlin loves to run fast (preferably when chasing […]


Adopted from Old Yeller Rescue Ranch in August 2013 at 1.5 years old. A deaf, adorable looking Border Collie. Was an absolute nut case with 22 hours a day of obsessive compulsive shadow chasing, wall licking, circling—no time for food, crash for 2 hours in total exhaustion, and start OCD-ing all over again in absolute […]


Foggy Bay Starry Night of Sealoch, CDX, RE, CGC, HIC, AX, MXJ, OF, APD Birthday 10/11/08. He has a great sense of humor and loves to run like the wind. He is named after Patrick Stewart, the bald actor who plays Captain on “Star Trek,” and has only met one dog he is afraid of, […]


I Reckon I’ll Keep Her Owned by Peggi Bean This is Reckon……AKA I Reckon I’ll Keep Her. Smart, athletic, funny addition to my lab pack. The adventure continues.


Princess Michael Tilson Thomas APD PD SP-J SP-G SP-S SP-K AP-J AP-K AP-G AP-S PJM GS-O RS-E JS-E AXJ AX Owned by Marty Fenton Frear Tilson is my first performance dog, and she was a rescue, given to me at the dog park by a rescuer who kept her out of the shelter. She spent […]


Donny CD RE NJP NAP THD CGC Owned by Jean MacLean Donny is a 4½ year old whippet. Donny and I are learning agility together and having fun. Donny has these titles CD, RE, NJP, NAP, THD, and also a CGC and was a star puppy. We are concentrating mostly on agility now. He does […]