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Fun with Reliable Recall and Focus w/Dee

February 5, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Fun with Reliable Recall and Focus

Please email Dee to register.

Sunday Mornings (Time to be determined by enrollment size)

Dates for the 5-class session – please note these on your calendar:

 February 5 12 19 26

March 5

There will be a makeup session if it rains



Does your dog come to you every time you say their name, in different locations, with distractions around? Is your goal to have a dog you can take off-leash at the beach or an agility class and be able to trust that they will come when you call them? This class is designed to help teach you and your dog the principles for a really reliable recall. Oftentimes our puppies are good at coming to us and following us around, but this begins to fade as they get older and more interested in the big wide world. Sometimes dogs are given off-leash privileges before they are ready, and this can lead to a less-than-reliable or no recall at all around distractions or fun settings like the beach.

We will work on specific focus exercises and recall work, and you will be given homework exercises at the end of each class to work on with your dog. Since this will be a cumulative class, attendance in the first class is required. It is recommended that you do not feed your dog breakfast prior to coming to class to help with motivation, or possibly no more than half a meal in the morning on class days. This is especially recommended for dogs that are not particularly motivated by food. Luckily it is the first class of the day so they won’t have to wait too long to eat.


Fun with Focus:

Dogs of all ages and experience levels can benefit from this type of training and learning to focus around distractions. Does your dog lose attention on you when she/he sees other dogs? People? Kids? Additional distractions may include moving objects, food, toys and personal items within the dog’s reach. Training is the way to help your dog learn what the right answer is, and you learn to become the reward for your dog. Remember, you need your dog’s attention in order to teach him anything! We will do fun exercises and games that encourage your dog to pay attention to you, despite what is going on around him/her. This will be an Introductory class, and you will learn how to teach your dog skills such as attention and focus on you around distractions including other dogs, tempting food, and exciting situations. Homework will be given at the end of each class, so that you can practice with your dog during the week. This is a great place to start if you are interested in dog sport classes in the future such as Agility or Rally Obedience, but also to train skills in your dog that you can use throughout his/her lifetime.


Cost per dog for the session: $125/GVDC members, $150 non-GVDC member

(Please bring cash or a check to the park)

*GVDC Membership Information: https://www.goletavalleydogclub.org/about/

*All classes take place at Girsh Park in Goleta, behind Costco: https://www.goletavalleydogclub.org/practices/

*Payment for the class session is due on the first day of the session, checks are made out to “GVDC”

*Dogs showing aggression towards people or other dogs will be asked to leave

Please arrive at 10 minutes early to set up your area.

For this class you will need a 20-foot training lead (basically a long leash), available at Lemo’s and other pet stores.

If you have trouble with pulling it would also be advised to have a front-clip harness like an Easy-Walk, Freedom, or Sense-ation harness as well.

Bring a variety of delicious meaty treats for your dog, water and a bowl, a chair for yourself, shade for your dog, clicker, 4 or 6-foot regular leash (no flexi’s please), and ideally a crate or pen for your dog and a mat or dog bed. Please bring a toy or two that your dog really enjoys, to use as a reward throughout the class.

Directions to Girsh Park

7050 Phelps Road, Goleta, CA

Get off Hwy 101 in Goleta at Storke Road. Turn toward the ocean. Go past the

Home Depot Center for two streets and turn right onto Phelps Road at the light.

Turn into the 3rd parking lot on the right. Look for our large white equipment trailer

parked near the field, GVDC uses that area referred to as the “multi-use

meadow.” We will be on the parking lot side of the field.


Fun with Reliable Recall and Focus w/Dee


February 5, 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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Dee Honer


Girsh Park
7050 Phelps Road
Goleta, California 93117 United States
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