Thank you for participating in classes and events with Goleta Valley Dog Club, being held at Girsh Park in Goleta. All participants and visitors to GVDC classes are required to be in compliance with current CDC Guidelines for safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please read the following very carefully, as strict adherence to the rules will take place:

1) Masks must be worn from when you arrive at the park until you leave
2) Minimum 6 feet between people while in our classes, 8 feet away is even better
3) Set-ups need to be at least 12 feet apart
4) No talking or socializing closer than 8 feet away, do not allow your dogs to play together
5) You are welcome to walk the perimeter of the park (there is a concrete path that goes all the way around Girsh) if you would like to walk and socialize with other class members while adhering to social distancing rules.
6) Maintain social distancing of 8 feet away when moving equipment. One person at a time in the trailer except for moving contact boards, when two people will be allowed. Do not gather close together in groups near the gates to the field or trailer.
7) One person per dog in class, spectators and additional family members are welcome to watch from inside their cars in the parking lot. If you need to switch handlers mid-way through a class, the person leaving class can watch from the parking lot.
8) Please bring and use hand sanitizer while at the field during classes
9) Do not attend classes if you or anyone in your household has any of the symptoms of Covid-19
10) If you are in a class that has been split into two groups, please use your designated entrance and stay with your group for the hour that your class is taking place. Please maintain an 8-foot distance when waiting for your turn to work your dog on an exercise or sequence, and while moving equipment.

Thank you for following the rules, these keep us all safer during this pandemic and allow us to have fun with our dogs at the park.

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