Chapter One

Doghter of Kelly & Tom

Life has been a little blurry (and quite an education) since our border collie Molly Rose arrived…

The adventure began when asked if we wanted a puppy if there were enough to go around—Chase It and Pyro were being bred. So we placed our order for a “female, rough-coat” dog that we could name Molly and we waited. Then the news arrived that 7 pups (4 girls, 3 boys) were born and we got our wish. What a huge amount of work for Grandma Rose, so in appreciation and honor of her sacrifices and special care, we named our pup Molly Rose.

Chosen for her cute, calm, quiet—did I mention calm?!—disposition, as first-time puppy parents, we welcomed Molly Rose into our happy and peaceful home.

And so the fun begins…puppy classes, rally-o, flyball and now agility. The Moll is always ready to go, go, go!

Molly Rose