Loved and adored by Barbara & Violet

November 15, 2002–March 30, 2005
Adopted on January 16, 2004

Thank you to all of our agility friends for so many wonderful messages. I’ve read each one many times and they really make this tough time a little easier. It’s nice to know we are not alone and that we are in the company of others who really do understand how deeply a dog can touch your heart.


Ivy’s short life is suddenly over. This is a very sad day for Violet and me. Ivy was struck down by a truck and died yesterday afternoon. She bolted from the yard to play with her pals in the park across the street and was hit. She died from internal bleeding very quickly. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her. Bless you Ivy. We love you more than you know.

After months of looking for a 1-2 year old female lab, built for speed of course, Barbara found Ivy in the park across the street from her home. She was running loose with no collar and when the kids in the park showed Barbara where she lived, it was clear she did not want to go back in her yard. The family that owned her were very eager to find a new home for her. It appears she was just “too much” for them to handle… perfect! Ivy has been working on becoming an “inside” dog, has been taking a few agility classes here and there and may enter her first show this summer. Just need to figure out those darn weaves first…