My 50 pound lap dog

Loved and Deeply Missed by
Barbara & Cedar

Violet lost a short battle with cancer on September 16, 2006. Thank you to everyone for your
support and understanding during this difficult time.

Violet was a 9 year old Black Lab. In August of 2001, she began her agility career and enjoyed attending competitions around the world… well, in California anyway. She loved playing with her friends at Girsh Park. Violet’s favorite obstacle in agility was the tunnel, but thankfully, she became very fond of weaves as well. She loved to play Frisbee and romp on the beach. Her nickname was “Velcro” because she was extremely affectionate. Her favorite place in the world was on my lap. Yes, she was a 50 pound lap dog. She was always happy and it seemed that tail of hers never stopped. She waved it like a proud flag as she ran over the dog walk.

She had an amazing understanding of the English language and at times she seems to want to talk back. She would cock her head as I spoke to her as if she wanted to understand every word. She was strong willed and loved the “top dog” spot no matter who was around. But at the same time was incredibly sensitive and responded to my every mood.

I have had many dogs in my life, but have never had such “chemistry” with an animal before. She was my shadow, my baby, my best friend. I never knew I could miss someone so much. I’d give anything to have her back.