Madeleine over a triple

Bonanza’s Miss America, CGC, RN, NJP, NAP
owned and handled by Dika Golovatchoff
photo by Mary Fish Arango

Madeleine was born on April 5, 2006 and came home with me at eight weeks. She was a cute furry bundle of energy, playful, naughty, but extremely affectionate. She started out early in the breed ring, as she comes from a long line of show Goldens, but it soon became obvious that I as an owner handler could not succeed with her in that venue. I have trained her in obedience and agility and she has just started competing in the Open agility class, Her favorite activity is retrieving balls and sticks on the beach. She loves jumping on me and others, although she is learning that there are those who prefer that she lean on them with all four paws on the ground. She shares my bed with Adeline, my yellow lab, and although they are completely opposite in temperament they are good companions.