Avid is a 6-month old Border Collie, and the newest addition to the Swan family. Avid is active, intelligent, playful, athletic and sweet – sometimes she is quite silly with a funny sense of humor. If not kept busy, she will find things to occupy herself – usually finding a treasure out of the recycling container to play with in the yard. Avid came from Game On Border Collies in Illinois, and is a half-sister to Mia’s boy, Rich.

Anne is working on Avid’s foundation and social skills, plus a few tricks and games with her toys. Avid is a quick learner and a very fun puppy to play with. She enjoys romps on the beach, playing tug or retrieving her ball, chasing water from the hose nozzle, and wrestling with her sister, Maizey. Avid likes to start each day with a few yodels and silly sounds which are very endearing.

Anne and Mike are so thrilled to have Avid in the family, and look forward to a fun and bright future with this special girl.

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